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Peninsula Compleat Angler Fishing Report 01/05/2017

May 2, 2017

It’s been a good few weeks – I am sure everyone enjoyed the run up to Anzac day with shorts weeks and plenty of opportunity to get away or go fishing!  Luckily, until this week, the weather has been pretty good too – so we have still seen a variety of fish caught along the peninsula as everyone got out and enjoyed what could be the last decent weather before winter.

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So to kick it off, we have seen some good quality squid in the last two weeks.  Some of these specimens have been a good jump-up on the average size that had been caught from the last couple of months.  Squid around 1kg and 1.5kg have been seen with some frequency, however this is still a mix and some small ones amongst the catches.  On the whole these are great signs for a good winter fishery – always nice to get our on a cool winter’s day and get a few cala.

Matt Garett with a lovel cephalopod.

The boys from the Southern Peninsula Angling Club had a squid comp on last week - yielding some of these very tasty squidigions!

Sky Broomfield admires her catch.

Jono from the SPAC caught this ripper on a Gancraft.

Anyone for puffer?

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May heralds the start of surf season and we have already had a few keen punters down at Gunnamatta catching a few salmon between 500g and 800g.  Lures at at this stage of the season have been the choice, with green metals and blue pink metals doing the damage.

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Gummies have still been pretty strong this month with evening fishing a standout if you can find a tide that is ending somewhere just after dark.

Matt Garett with a good eater.

Carl Gustafson caught this gummy with mate Terry.

In other reports king George whiting have been solid, if not red hot.  Catches have been pretty consistent around the peninsula.  One little secret is that fish have been biting around the turn of the tide a bit – hi-flow periods seemingly a bit slower at the moment.  Over Easter we saw plenty of anglers getting into fish at St Leonards and other hot spots such as the Pinnace channel and off Rosebud.

We managed a nice bag with fish from about 8 different drops - often only picking up 1 or 2 at each spot.  Hard yakka but a decent bag in the end.

Casey Gorman with a stonker from off shore.

Must be something in the air - the boys at RIP Charters caught this huge whiting while fishing just inside the heads!

Chris Cassar with a ton of whiting from the banks at westernport.

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Offshore, our good friend Phil from Rip Charters has enjoyed getting into some Autumn snapper.  Phil has been taking the trip out through the RIP getting some nice fish to a few kg.

Happy RIP customer with some off shore autumn pinkies.

Getting bigger!

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Staff Jules and good woman Em, have been catching a few EPs at Devilbend Reservoir.  A good option if the coniditons are a bit rough on the bay.

Rory Burton also fished at Devilbend Reservoir and wrote this:

“It was fast action for small estuary perch at Devilbend Reservoir this week. The key was to catch live-bait when you arrive at the reservoir and cast out past the weed bed.  Hooking the perch was the easy bit, getting them through the weed was another story!  Pictured was the average size perch, the largest was just on 27cm. Fun to catch and release on light tackle though!”  Photo above.

Trent North has recently purchased a caravan at Mulwala.  He has absolutely been making the most of it, booting up the freeway for a spell on the cod.  Trent's enjoying what can be some pretty exciting surface and night fishing.


Heading a bit further afield - Phil Hickox and co headed down for their first jaunt on the Bluefin at Portland.  Phil recently purchsed a couple of outfits from the store which he was happy to put to good use.  All in all a successful first trip with a bag of blues for the trip home.

Trevor Rolls and his nephew Shane Rolls fished at Paynesville, not sure who was more suprised at this catch - the fish or the anglers!

Finally, for anyone who follows the game fishing scene we thought we’d include a pic of our mate Lee Rayner who nailed a couple of swordfish out of Lake’s Entrance this week.  The Victorian swordfish fishery has really opened up in the last couple of years with many anglers now getting down the east coast and experiencing what has truly been a mystery fish up until now.

Lee Rayner nailing some whopping swords out of Lakes Entrance.

For more information feel free to drop in and see us at Peninsula Compleat Angler, 11 Boneo Rd in Rosebud, Victoria. Ph: 03 5981 1994.

Keep it fishy,

Dan Lee

...and the rest of the team Jules, Morne, Gavin, Anca & John.


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