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Welcome to the Campaign Desk

Politics is a dirty word. Unfortunately, we see a lot of it surrounding the recreational fishing body. Our Campaign link is here to provide you with relevant information on topical issues that anglers' face. This may include a brief background, relevant contact details on people you may wish to contact in relation to the issue or petitions to sign, which will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Rye Boat Ramp upgrade - challenge at VCAT

October 23, 2017

RYE BOAT RAMP NEEDS AN UPGRADE! Don't let the objectors win!

You may or may not know that a couple of months ago the Mornington Peninsula Shire Councillors finally ratified and approved a plan to upgrade the Rye Boat ramp and facilities.

As with most decisions made by council, there were plenty of objectors and they had their time to be heard.

However, since the approval went through the objectors are now taking the matter to VCAT which will be heard in February.

The objectors were fairly well organised and have had petitions running.

We need to meet their petition with plenty of signatures from the fishing community to make VCAT understand that this is a well-supported upgrade by many fisherman and holiday makers of the southern Mornington Peninsula.

Please sign the petition below in support! We suggest leaving a comment too.

Maybe suggest that VCAT upholds the Councils decision on 17/7/17.


The team at Compleat Angler Rosebud



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