G’day anglers and welcome to our new page!

After quiet some time we are back into writing fishing reports and we will be adding new content every fortnight to get everyone back up to date with all our local fishing news on the Mornington Peninsula.

Please check out both our Fishing Tips page and Reports page, to get up to date with all the latest catches and ways to either improve your fishing knowledge or just get in on the action!

We have had a lot of changes over the past year in the store with new management taking over and a little refitting of the shop. We just passed our 1st year and would like to thank everyone who has supported us during this period.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone’s fishing stories and pics so please make sure to send them through to 0448 048 872 just remember to add your name and a brief report for us to feature you in either our store report or the fishing monthly magazine.


Now to play catch up on whats been happening over the last few weeks as we have had a heap of mixed reports.


Mount Martha.

We have had a lot of land-based reports from fisho’s catching a number of pinkies and snapper from the rock groins and the rocks around Bradford Rd and up toward Martha shops.

There are still squid being caught land-based, Hearn Road has been a common mention for good numbers using smaller and brighter colour jigs for the best results.


Check out this cracker haul… a 3 kg, 2.5 kg and a silver trevally that weighed over 1.2 kg!


Boaters have also been cleaning up on the squid in between Safety Beach and Mt. Martha fishing in around 4-5 meters of water only a few hundred meter from shore.

Plenty of Flathead can be caught straight out from the boat ramp towards the mussel farm, fishing soft plastics has seen a good response for some slightly larger specimens.

A few local boaters have shared their reports of good Snapper being caught from the fairway and back towards Mornington fishing anywhere from 16 m to 23 meters.

Check out this Red caught by Will, this fish weighed in at 9kg!


Reports of Salmon during the day have been on and off amongst some of our older customers who have reported large schools under neath the jetty.

Squid at night are a popular target as well as mullet and garfish when they show up during the morning.

Straight out the front of the boat squadron has been producing good numbers of calamari and the occasional bag of whiting for those targeting them.


Although we haven’t had a heap of reports from Rye pier the last couple of weeks it has been reasonably productive, late nights we’re seeing mixed bags of squid, mackerel and tommy rough being caught, good numbers of salmon cruising through the shallows in the mornings and even the odd smaller gummy shark has been landed.

Around White Cliffs there are some good weedy grounds fishing well for squid and Flathead and particularly good if you’ve got a smaller boat and want to stay close in to get a feed, the South Channel Pile is always worth a look for a bag of squid and whiting can be caught on the out going tide.


Michelle showing off one of many squid from a successful trip.

Plenty of flatty’s out the front of the pier if you want a quick feed. Further out the channel has been fishing a little tough for some which is to be expected as a number of unwanted species move in during the cooler months but nevertheless we have had some very nice gummy’s caught.

James caught this cracker from spot X, not a bad effort.



We are into that time of year where we are seeing plenty of larger Calamari being caught, plenty of anglers have been reporting the morning periods to be particularly good fishing from the piers and amongst the scattered moorings and weed beds in these areas.


A good example of a big spawner.

Blaigowrie has definitely been the go-to for numbers of squid, the best jigs of late are white, various red foils and greens. Baits are working particularly well if you are chasing that big trophy cala!

There are consistent reports of salmon at Blairgowrie now too! Just this week we have had a couple guys in store with reports of fish around 3kg being busted off under the marina wall and fish up to 2kg landed.

Whiting have been more vigorous on the chew lately, plenty of fish are being caught around the Sisters and the middle grounds back towards Blairgowrie.


Local Boys Matty, Ben and Bradey on the money with a fantastic bag on tingas


Portsea has also seen its fair share of fish being caught from around the pier.

It’s a good option for some larger gars although you’ll need to put in a little time, they will come in with a good burley mix.

Other species taken recently have been Trevally and Salmon.


Surf Beaches.

All our back beaches are fishing well, Portsea is still yet to really pick up which we should see happen in the coming weeks however Gunnamatta has been a real winner amongst both the bait and lure anglers.


Staff Scotty snagged this chunky sambo on one of our angry bait metals.

We have had the Occasional report of gummy sharks being caught from Gunna and Rye beaches although the best reports are still coming in from Summers and Point Leo beach. These spots are best fished on the high tide using cuts of salmon, squid or yakka.

Staff Jules with a decent salmon from Gunna.


For more information or general advise be sure to drop passed the shop and say G’day or give us a call on 03 5981 1994,

From all the crew at Compleat Angler Rosebud

Dave, Jules, Robyn, Ross, Scotty and Steve.

Best of luck on your next angling adventure,